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                                                     Made by hand! Made with Love! 

This is Iota Zaggle, a talented leather-goods maker in Santorini. Having tried her hand at various jobs and occupations, she finally found her path in pursuing her real dream; creating beautiful and unique products, only by hand! Her love for sewing, attaching and matching colours and materials led her to live permanently in Santorini and follow a path that fewer and fewer people choose. Using her hands and creativity she wields and fashions real leather to shape her authentic designs and create stylish handmade leather bags and accessories. It really is a dream job, working with the best view in the world and following your dream, and Iota is feeling blessed and grateful. Join her as she constantly busies herself creating in her workshop, just a few steps beneath the most famous blue dome of Santorini, at the church of Saint Nicholaοs in Oia! She will share all about her passion on creating leather goods and her story!

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